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Lifting safely at sea - Marine Cranes, Safety Indicators, Stability Monitors, Certification  safe with Kranskan

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Lifting heavy loads safely demands a firm foundation
but at sea, you don’t have one .....

Hook Marine Ltd was established in 2001 as a company dedicated to the supply of the KRANSKAN™ indicator for marine cranes.

Hook Marine evolved from well-established crane specialists William Hook Ltd, who have built a formidable reputation for servicing, testing and certificating cranes. William Hook Ltd served customers operating mobile and truck cranes, in particular the civil engineering and construction sectors. Today, William Hook operates across a wide range of industries, including road transport, oil & gas, defence, ports & harbours, boat building, and aquaculture.

The KRANSKAN ™ indicator was developed by Hook Marine as an important safety device to provide visible and audible warning of dangerous conditions during lifting operations with small marine cranes. The indicator has sparked widespread interest in the marine industry, enabling boat operators to improve crew safety and fulfil their obligations under current lifting regulations.

KRANSKAN ™ indicator variants are currently under development for other lifting applications

NEW developments

New developments by Hook Marine include the MK5 RF variant of the Kranskan and the SeaWise Stability Monitor

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